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Fav Tweet Tuesday

This week’s Fav Tweet comes from YouthMinistry.com, tweeting an article by the amazing Kurt Johnston.  This guy is a legend in the youth ministry world.  He tweeted about an article that he had posted on More Than Dodgeball, but his articulated concern in the article is very poignant.

While I’m just as excited as you about the launch, and largely responsible for creating this excitement, I’m more concerned about week #2 and week #28 and week #84 than I am about week #1.

This is extremely common in the church world.  What’s the new/next thing? But there are things that we’ve been doing that are working well.  Those things are good.  They’re still exciting.  They’re still important.  They don’t need to be replaced by something shiny and new.

I just started my 7th year at OroNaz in the Student Ministry department.  We’re looking at our fall launch, but I’m excited to look at what happens in week #42.  I think it helps us really understand the launch and the hype because long term results are the win, not great launches.


Get The Most Out Of Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has done it again, dropping a new service into their lineup that offers an incredible value.

The new service lets you read an unlimited amount of books on any kindle device or kindle app (phones, tablets, computers) for $10 per month.You can try it for 30 days without paying a thing.


I signed up right away. They sent me an email ahead of time because my book Live New is available on kindle unlimited. At first I found that it was a little confusing because I wasn’t sure what was available in kindle unlimited.

I figured out the easiest way was to get the drop down on the left of the search bar to say Kindle Unlimited. This took some poking around, but if you click here, it should load the search bar up and look like this:


Now you can search to your hearts content, and everything should show up with a “kindle unlimited” logo above the book. Just click on it, and it will let you click “Read for Free” on the upper right.

When you sync your kindle or kindle app, it will allow you to download all of those books for free.

I just got all of these:


Click here to get Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days.

I’m not sure if it’s worth it after the 30 days expire. I’ll have to explore the titles more. I’m thinking that if I read more than a book a month on it, then it’s worth it.

I guess I could just go to the library. But who has time for that?

Great Travel Hack App

You might notice a lull in posts on misterlib.com over the next couple of weeks. I am taking a few weeks to get out on the road and relax with my family. We are driving about 4500 miles in just under 3 weeks and seeing 12 states in the northwest-ish part of the country.

Most of our accommodations are staying with our great friends and family. But one of the things that makes this trip possible (besides 50mpg in the Prius) is a great app called Hotel Tonight that works on iPhone and Android.
Hotel Tonight logo
This app is a great way to hack your travel. Gone are the days of reservations weeks or months ahead of time. Gone are the days of bidding on hotels just to end up in a rat infested mold hole.

Hotel Tonight allows hotels to clear out unreserved rooms on the last day for way less than their normal rates. Every morning at 9am, rooms become available like this:
Hang tight - deals go live at 9AM Portland time.
The countdown was at 13 minutes and 22 seconds. You can have the app notify you when they become available. Then, jump on it and get your discounted room.

It’s been a real money saver and it allows us to be spontaneous in changing dates or cities for stops on the roadtrip without worrying about cancellation policies.

If you get the app and use the code KLIBBY1, you’ll get $25 toward your first booking and it will hook us up with $25 toward a future hotel as well.

Happy travels! And I can’t wait to share some great new content when I get back to California in mid-July.

Great Mac Software for CHEAP

I came across this deal today and wanted to share it.  I personally use Fantastical on my iPhone and am excited to get to use it on my Mac as well.  If you’ve got a Mac, I recommend getting on this deal right away.

You can Pay What You Want and get 3 of the 10 apps.  If you beat the average (about $10 as of writing this post), then you get all 10.  The longer you wait, the more it goes up.  Click the image or click here to get it!

Plus, 10% of your purchase goes to one of three charities!


Fav Tweet Tuesday

The venerable Andy Stanley posted a quote from John Meador, a poster in Euless, Texas.  This quote has got me wondering.  It’s one of those quotes, though, that makes me wonder in my stomach instead of my head.  I can feel everything churning.

So, proceed with caution:

I don’t even want to elaborate.

Maybe you could answer it.

What’s it going to take?

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Fav Tweet Tuesday

It’s that time of year (well, every 4 years) where the world shuts down to see who is the best at soccer.  After the brilliant showing against Nigeria in Jacksonville, I’m more excited than ever about the team that we are sending.  Here’s my fav tweet of the week:

What I love about the way that the world is moving is that the stories matter.  We’re not content with sending 23 men to Brazil to kick balls.  We want to know who these guys are.  We want to know why we should root for these guys.

And they’ve given us that.  Check out the trailer.

Each video gives us a snapshot of the life of the player.  It’s awesome and makes me feel like I know these guys.

Which makes me think about the people I go to church with that I don’t really know.

I wonder what simply sharing stories might do for our faith communities?  How much can you really know someone without knowing their story?

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